Our mission is to educate and inform the Nebraska wine consuming public about the exciting world of Italian wine. Wine is not just a drink, but an element of culture. It is an amazing synergy of food, wine, and friendship

About The Italian Vine

Mark and Kim McDonald, distinguished proprietors of Italian Vine Wine Distributors, boast a rich narrative deeply rooted in their shared experiences. A military veteran with an impressive 20-year tenure, Mark’s journey led the McDonald family to their final station in the enchanting city of Naples, Italy. Surprisingly, prior to their Italian sojourn, the McDonalds were not avid enthusiasts of wine.

During their residency in Italy, a transformation occurred as Mark and Kim cultivated an impassioned appreciation for the intricate world of Italian wines. What was once a casual indifference toward wine evolved into a profound interest. The culinary haven of Naples provided the perfect backdrop for the McDonalds to explore the nuances of wine pairing and crafting. They were captivated by the revelation that a modest meal could elevate the taste of a wine, transforming the entire sensory experience.


Upon returning to their homeland in Nebraska, Mark, fueled by his newfound passion, resolved to embark on an entrepreneurial venture. This pivotal decision marked the inception of Italian Vine, a manifestation of Mark’s commitment to sharing the allure and sophistication of Italian wines with connoisseurs and novices alike. The Italian Vine stands as a testament to the McDonalds’ journey from wine skeptics to ardent enthusiasts, encapsulating the fusion of military discipline, cultural exploration, and the culinary delights of Naples.

The Italian Vine 


5612 South  49th Street

Lincoln, Nebraska 68516